What is iForex?

What is iForex?

iForex is an enshrined international company in the negotiations of foreign currency, which was created by a group of investors and ex-banqueros at the beginning of 1996, in the year 2004 already counting on a base of several thousand customers, was launched an online platform of negotiation multilingual, giving rise to a potential growth up to today, in January of the year 2007 iForex to this already had a template in payroll of more than 200 employees distributed by all offices which currently owns around the world, among them are of the most major located in Paris, Geneva, Athens and Bucharest.


iForex offers us in his website two types of currency on its current platform Exchange online, friendly calls, a platform online and downloadable platform, these two platforms keep us informed at all times with the latest financial news, providing at the same time an excellent customer support 24 hours a day, so we will decide at all times that transition we want to do and when we want to make it being completely free, without thinking about potential problems that could come.
At the same time, thanks to its operating table can negotiate with foreign currency and known foreign exchange, can do with unlimited time given or in time complete or finished, what is called in English forward.
Leverage that iForex offers currently is 400:1, with spreads or spreads that vary between 3 and 5 pips, depending on the State of the market and the investment made in each moment, an interesting option that is allowed in this forex company is that it allows placing opposite positions, so meet us backs in any eventuality that might be in this complicated market of foreign exchange.
The deposit minimum to iForex requires in order to make our most anticipated Forex trading is $ 100.

What is iForex?
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